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The Top Female Black Canadian Bloggers to Follow

Last year I brought you the top Caribbean Bloggers to follow. Since then I’ve settled into Toronto, Canada, and this year I’m following it up with the top female Black Canadian Bloggers!

1. Canadian Blogger…

Shannae Ingleton Smith of @TorontoShay | www.TorontoShay.com


Hi! I’m Shannae Ingleton Smith, but you can call me TorontoShay

I’m an astrology-obsessed, reality TV-addicted, shopping habit-having wife, mama and media professional.  I am friendly, zealous and a little bit cray but I also think that my quirks and craziness help me genuinely relate to and connect with others ❤️

As a new mom and newlywed I have so much to share about the feelings, experiences (and outfits!) that come with this new world.

So… here you’ll find my life, my style, and my confessions, all told from my beautifully scattered perspective as I navigate life with my favorite people by my side … in the city I love more than anywhere else.

2. Canadian Blogger…

Lauren Eva Sheriff of @LaurenEvaSheriff | www.BasicBabeLauren.com


Lauren is a 20 something year old woman who is passionate about fashion, beauty, travel and home. She see’s herself as the girl next door but with all the tips and tricks on how to dress, the best beauty products and where to eat or stay while travelling. She loves being approachable and sharing her married millennial life with her followers!

Lauren currently resides in Toronto, Canada with her high school sweetheart and husband Qais. They currently have two fur-babies Paris their Rottweiler and Bowser their Olde Boston Bulldogge. When not creating content Lauren and Qais enjoy spending time outside with their dogs, binge watching Netflix and trying new restaurants in the city!

3. Canadian Blogger…

Sasha Exeter of @SashaExeter | www.SoSasha.com


So Sasha is a well balanced lifestyle blog which covers Sasha’s daily musings and let’s her share her tips, tricks and everything that inspires her in fashion, beauty, fitness, food, art, design, health and wellness with other women. With her love and passion for fashion, coupled with consistent inquiries from both friends and strangers about how she stays fit, where she shops, eats and travels to, Sasha finally decided to create So Sasha in October 2012.

Apart from being a self-proclaimed fashion fanatic with a penchant for mixing luxe labels with budget finds, she is also a foodie (who loves organic, clean, eating) and considers herself a “well-heeled” traveler – pun intended!

4. Canadian Blogger…

Antonia Fifi of @ToniFifi | www.ToniFifi.com


Toni was born  Antonia Alejandra Fifi, on the island of Trinidad and Tobago to a Venezuelan mother and Trinidadian father of Portuguese and Belgian decent. This fusion of cultures has had a direct effect on her style, making it as eclectic as her own ethnicity.  At 16 years old she left Trinidad to enter boarding school in Toronto, Canada. She continued her tertiary education in Toronto and earned herself a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto, followed by a degree in Fashion Design from the former International Academy of Design and Technology.

With her formal training she began a career in the Canadian Fashion Industry as a Fashion Buyer. After earning a few years experience she returned to the Caribbean and opened her own line of women’s fashion boutiques. After ten years in business the opportunity arose to return to her university town of Toronto to offer her special needs boy the chance at a new school, new type of therapy, the next step for him.  She jumped at it, packed up her family of four and made the leap. 

That’s what @tonififi is about. New beginnings. New starts. Encouraging her followers to take the chance, start that business, follow your dreams, put in the work and trust the timing of your life. 

The fusion of style and life inspiration offered through @tonififi has created a genuine trust and community. Followers initially come for the fashion and style, but they stay for the conversation. 

5. Canadian Blogger…

Mirian Njoh of @MirianNjoh | www.MirianNjoh.com


Digital content creator? Creative director? Visual storyteller? While these are all hats I wear, none of them on their own seem to fully encapsulate the breadth of my work.

Born in the West African capital city of Monrovia, Liberia, I grew up in the United States (Detroit, Michigan to be exact) and immigrated to Toronto, Canada where I am now based. Fashion has always been a lifelong love of mine and I have held various roles in the industry.

As a stylist I have worked with household names like Rihanna and Nike in addition to having modeled for top brands like Uniqlo and Nordstrom. I ran my blog Love Mirian from 2015 – 2019 as a creative expression of my work as a stylist, model, writer, and photographer. I now spend most of my time honing my skills in content creator, weaving together my experience as a multi-hyphenate.

I love music, vibrant colors, and whatever sweet or savory snacks I can get my hands on. In my spare time I love dancing to afrobeats, cooking, baking, or making DIY beauty products.

6. Canadian Blogger…

Lily Yange of @LilyYange | www.BloomingLily.com


Lily Yange is a Toronto based model & digital content creator. She has been seen in campaigns for the likes of H&M, Sephora, Mazda, Nespresso and many more.

Recently Lily can be seen on CTV’s BT Montreal & Global networks sharing her parenting expertise across Canada.

7. Canadian Blogger…

Dominique Baker of @Dominique.Baker | www.StyleDomination.com

My name is Dominique and I’m a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. A public servant by day, my blog, www.styledomination.com, serves as a creative outlet highlighting my deep interest in fashion and beauty with a focus on humour. After all, you need a sense of humour to spend $2000 on a handbag.

Style Domination is simply a play on my name. My blog highlights how I “Dom-ify” my clothing, so really, it’s more of a focus on “Style Domification” of current trends and classic pieces alike. Promise – I don’t pretend to dominate anything!

How I got started…

In the early part of 2015, my husband suggested I start a blog featuring all of the fun things I get up to. What started as a medium to share my crazy adventures and love of style soon turned into a go-to destination for beauty advice and reviews, fashion, and lifestyle, and soon expanded to YouTube.

Since launching my blog, I have been featured in Flare Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Life Magazine, Krowd Magazine, among others. I have also worked with many notable brands such as Ford Canada, Lincoln Motors of Canada, ALEX & ANI, Westin Hotels, Charlotte Tilbury, L’Oréal, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Givenchy Beauty and Giorgio Armani Beauty.

Appearing in national campaigns for RW&Co., Lise Watier Cosmetics, Centrum Vitamins, The Ottawa Hospital, Maybelline, Ecco Shoes and more, I continue to build my expertise in beauty and fashion while fostering great trust with my readers.

In addition to blogging, I now speak to groups in the Ottawa area about how to boost confidence and self-esteem through style, along with giving back to the community through charitable work. In 2017, I was named a Person 2 Know by the United Way Ottawa, and was an Ambassador for The Ottawa Hospital.

8. Canadian Blogger…

Osob of @OsobBeauty | www.OsobBeauty.com


Osob is a Canadian beauty blogger with an IG following of over 181K. This comes as no surprise as her looks are flawless.

She’s recently transitioned into fashion and lifestyle blogging. Follow her as she and her mini navigate through the seasons.

9. Canadian Blogger…

Alma-Rex Ezonfade of @TheAlmaChronicle|www.TheAlmaChronicle.com


Alma Rex is a multi-faceted curator and content creator, specializing in the curation of style, beauty and lifestyle content pertaining to the millennial woman.

For this reason, The Alma Chronicle has become a one-stop hub for inspiration, with an audience of young women ranging across different age groups, body types and ethnicities.

10. Canadian Blogger…

Musemo Handahu of @MissLionHuntern | www.Lion-Hunter.com


Musemo (Mo) Handahu is a multi-faceted creative based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. With an eye for the cool and buzz worthy, she creates content for brands looking to grow their influence on the digital space and also those expanding to the east coast Canadian market, where she calls home. Her roster of clients includes powerhouse telecommunication companies, tourism boards, shopping malls, automobile conglomerates, airlines and fashion and lifestyle brands.

Musemo uses her love for the digital arts and fashion to inspire her community, especially by championing for the increased visibility of plus size women and African Nova Scotians in the arts where a lack of representation is unmistakable. For her work, she’s been awarded the Entrepreneurship, Youth Involvement and Outstanding Community Service Award by the Black Business Initiative and was also honored with the Founders Choice Award by Body Confidence Canada.

Musemo’s eye for style has not gone unnoticed. This year she was named on Canada’s Best Dressed List by The Globe and Mail and was a finalist for Redbook Magazine’s Real Women Style Awards. She lends her sartorial expertise to CTV Atlantic’s Makeover Monday Segment where she gives deserving winners a new look to help them put their best foot forward.

On lion-hunter.com you’ll find a positive and welcoming space, unapologetic style and cool lifestyle stories sharing the majestic.

11. Canadian Blogger…

Assa Cisse of @MyCurvesandCurls | www.MyCurvesAndCurls.com


Assa Cisse of mycurvesandcurls.com is a content creator, self-confessed Pinterest addict, and mother of two very active little boys. Most people know her as the tall curly haired body positive advocate. This blog aims to inspire and educate women around the world about loving their bodies, develop their personal styles and increase their confidence. She has partnered with many brands to offer her unique perspective, about travel, style, and motherhood. When she is not in the front of a camera snapping a few photos of her outfits, consulting with a brand or doing homework with the kids, she is planning her next escape with her family.

12. Canadian Blogger…

Tania Cascilla of @darling_tee | www.DarlingTee.com


Hey guys, my name is Tania Cascilla and I live in New York city. I started this Fashion & Lifestyle blog, as a way to engage with my fellow fashion enthusiasts as well as inspire others. I’m a typically shy girl so starting this blog, was a way for me to step out of my comfort zone, since I’m normally used to working behind the scenes.

A little about me…I have worked in the fashion industry for the past 12 years. I aspired to be versatile in the fashion industry, so even though I started off as a stylist, I branched out into different areas such as styling, buying & marketing. I wanted to explore every area & gain as much experience as well as knowledge related to everything there is to know about fashion. Currently I work in fashion PR.

The goal of this blog is to explore and connect with my fellow fashion lovers and share my journey through fashion. I’ll suggest my favorite beauty tips, fashion finds and eateries/hang outs along the way. As much as I care about the exciting side of fashion, my true passion lies within uplifting women and building confidence in their styles and choices. Through my blog I wish to have creative, productive and meaningful discussions on various fashion  and lifestyle related topics. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and connecting with all of you.

13. Canadian Blogger…

@StayMagnifique | www.StayMagnifique.com


FULL NAME: Magnifique Chibalonza
NATIONALITY: Burundi-born and half Congolese

Languages: English, French, kiswahili and Kirundi

StayMagnifique started her blogging journey in 2017 and within her first 2 years she won multiple-time 2018 Best African Fashion Blogger in Canada. She was also Miss Africa Alberta 2011, has graduated in Medical Administration & Practical Nurse.

She started blogging when her Faith influenced her clothing style from revealing outfits to a more modest African style with a natural beauty look. When she realized it was inspiring others around her, she decided to share with the online community.


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  1. December 1, 2020 / 4:04 am

    This is a dope post! I love Shannae. Her fashion is always on point! I actually didn’t know there were so many fashion bloggers in Canada. As a fashion blogger myself from Canada I’ve been having a hard time to promote my black owned sweaters. This blog will now gives me a good place to start! Thanks again!

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