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Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant- My Full Review

Why I chose Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant for my daughter.

[Sponsored] Though it’s difficult for me to believe  Alessandra is already 12 years old. She just about fits into my shoes, finishes my face masks before I can get to them, and barely has a couple years left before she’s my height. Where did my baby go? As she grows into this amazing young woman, her body is maturing along with her. So much has changed, but the one thing that remains the same is my desire to look after her as best as I can.  I chose Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant for Alessandra because I wanted an option free of all the stuff I don’t want, but that would still uphold its odor fighting claim. Turns out there were a few other reasons that this was the right match for her. Read on to find out why I give it the title “best deodorant 2020”.

1. It’s free of the things I don’t want.

This is an important point for me because I want her to experience aluminum free deodorant’s benefits. We often consider what’s in the foods we eat, but with less awareness surrounding the issue, what we put on our skin can go unnoticed. The new and improved Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant is  aluminum free,  paraben free,  free of dyes and  glycol and one of the best deodorants without baking soda and talc that I’ve tried, because of course I’ve been using it also.  I feel more comfortable knowing that she’s protected  by a product without the ingredients we don’t want. 

2. It’s odour fighting capability

Some women claim not to sweat. I’m definitely NOT one of those women. I read once that sweating easily is a sign of fitness, and I’ve held on to that theory ever since, lol. Either way, whatever the cause, Alessandra didn’t only inherit her round face and curls from me. She’s become quite the little athlete, volleyball being her passion, and the last thing I want for her to worry about, at this age where self esteem and egos seem to be so fragile, is sweating and the resulting BO. Luckily Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant offers superior 48H hour odour fighting protection with 3 times the odour fighters than the previous formulation. Better yet this protection is sweat activated, which means that sweating on the court isn’t going to work against her.  The lavender scent (or whichever scent you’ve chosen, the new coconut scent is also amazing) does not fade and abandon you when you need it most. It’s a deodorant for women who aren’t afraid to get sweaty, and now don’t have to smell like it. 

3. The feel on your skin

If the first thing to embarrass a 12-year-old is BO the second would be the dreadful residue that some deodorants can leave on your body or clothing. Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant goes on smooth and dry. The results are much more than you’d expect from a solid stick. There was no clumping or transfer on to her clothing, instead it went on clear and dried in moments. While it’s unnoticeable to the eye, the sensory experience to the skin is quite different. It’s made with the  #1 dermatological recommended moisturizer, making it both gentle on skin and moisturizing. I know Alessandra isn’t a newborn anymore but I still want to protect her youthful, often dry and  sensitive skin.  

4. It’s Cruelty Free

As a family we care about the planet and all its creatures and actively support brands that share the same values.  Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant  is now certified PETA Cruelty- Free, meaning that they do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and that they pledge not to do so in the future. These mutual morals make it a product we are proud to back. 

5. Accessibility 

The fifth reason I chose Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant for Alessandra is ease of purchase. Many other aluminum free deodorants are only available at specialty stores or via online purchase. But if your kid is like mine, she’s going to remind you the day after her stick runs out that she needs a refill. Hence I appreciate that I can run out just about any time of day anywhere deodorant is sold to replenish her stock. This way she never runs into the embarrassing situation of being without it.

Learn more about Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant here.


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