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How I manage my stress through the Pandemic


2020 has been a challenging year for me and so many others, with restricted travel Covid-19 has separated me even further from my loved ones abroad. As is often the case my body started showing signs of stress before my mind clued in, my skin being the major alarm bell. I experienced extreme acne breakouts like none before. An internal switch went off in March as soon as the lockdown began, my back was nearly covered in stress related breakouts and my face was running closely behind. I did not recognize myself. I could however identify the cause. Stress. So many things were running through my mind. What if I get sick? Will Lucas be more susceptible? What about my aging parents? Will Matthew get laid off? And the list went on and on. I’m sure these concerns aren’t far from what many of you have been going through as well. 

Alessandra and Lucas feed off my energy and I didn’t want them to see a panicked mom. At their age the stress of this pandemic is not something I want them to bear. I had to keep my stress levels under control so we could all enjoy the positives that were still a part of this 2020 experience. The additional time together, the holidays we’ve enjoyed year after year, and the upcoming holidays that I still want to make special for them both. That enjoyment however would not be possible if it were clouded with stress and anxiety. By taking better care of myself, I am able to reduce those feelings and worry less about the things I cannot change, creating a calmer me. One able to indulge in all the new convid-friendly holiday traditions, and get more enjoyment out of all of the good that is still a part of our lives.

Since one of my primary concerns was the health of my family ,and stress has a direct correlation with lowered immunity, I focused on stress reduction methods and improving our immunity through food and supplements.  

Methods to manage stress

  1. Exercise . As you guys know I’m a believer in moving my body in ways that help to reduce stress and give it the input needed for optimal mental performance throughout the day. The closing of gyms was difficult as my space is relatively small, but I chose not to give up on myself. I exercised outdoors when I could, took longer walks with the dogs, hikes with Matthew on the weekends, and engaged in any form of movement that allowed me to decompress. 
  2. Introduction of  5-HTP Supplement by Progressive Nutritionals.  5-HTP helps to promote healthy mood balance, relieves  symptoms of fibromyalgia and reduces the severity of migraine headaches. The Progressive 5-HTP formula is  designed with enteric coated capsules that are gentle on the stomach.  It can also be taken as a sleep aid to promote restful sleep which is beneficial as a clear and rested mind allows us to keep calm and better cope with stressful situations.
  1. Proper Nutrition. I am a believer of food as medicine and aim to incorporate as many plants into my diet as possible to maintain a healthy body. I made a habit of juicing daily for myself and the kids, eating greens at every meal and ensuring that I got a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the week. 

While my aim is to nourish my body through nutrition, I am aware that my diet sometimes falls short. For this reason I am not opposed to aiding the process through supplementation. A few useful ones include the following:

Proper digestion and a healthy gut flora help us get the most out of the nutrients we consume to keep our bodies strong.  Perfect Probiotic™ products are designed to provide ongoing daily gut health support  for the entire  digestive system. They are available in a variety of probiotic strengths and formulas to suit different  digestive needs. Perfect Probiotic™ products are a foundational supplement designed to be taken on a  daily basis to support optimal health and are available in 30 Billion CFU, 60 Billion CFU ,120 Billion CFU, Colon Support, Women’s Formula and Kid’s Formula.

Progressive Vitamin C Complex provides isolated sources of Vitamin C for increased potency as well as  whole food sources for their natural balance and bioavailability. This supplement provides powerful antioxidant protection, supports cardiovascular health & immune function as well as promotes healthy bones, joints, teeth, and gums.  

Progressive Vitamin D3 spray is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like taking pills. It’s liquid form and addition of MCT allow for faster absorption. Vitamin D3 provides immune system support, promotes  the development of healthy bones and teeth, and helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus. It also helps prevent vitamin D deficiency, a common occurrence in colder countries.

  •  Immuno Daily Support

Featuring beta-glucan, an immune-modulator, this product is designed to control autoimmune  responses and supports your immune system by improving its ability to seek out, recognize and destroy  invaders that can wreak havoc in your body. It includes buffered vitamin C and Zinc and is a  source of antioxidants. Immuno Daily Support can be taken daily for optimized response. 

Stress management is an ongoing process and I regard it as a commitment to put  my health first to be the best version of me for myself, my husband and my kids. I hope you found these tips helpful and that they offer you some relief from the stressful situations you may currently be facing. [This is a sponsored post in partnership with Progressive Nutritionals]


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  1. December 9, 2020 / 3:35 pm

    Great post! As moms and wives we’re often tasked to make sure everyone is ok. I know I’m always forgetting myself. I need to remember to put myself first so I can be there for my family.

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