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Boho Tween Girl’s Room- Ale’s 12th Birthday Room Update

For all of you following along in my IG stories, you know that I’ve been working on Alessandra’s room for a few weeks now as part of her birthday present. She turns 12 tomorrow and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone 😭. She was JUST my little squishy baby. But I can’t stop time and I couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful soul she is growing into. ✨ I have however, thrown in a few scare tactics around the room in hopes of stunting her growth for a few more years, 😆

She gave me a few images to work with for a general direction of her style, they screamed “Boho” and that’s when I knew I definitely birthed this soon-to-be 12 year old. lol Other than that she wanted to keep a bit of pink/coral in the space, (which was surprising since she’s not much of a girlie girl) so I kept that in mind when choosing the palette.

We kept her original bed, bought at Ikea, a couple years ago. Originally $199 CDN and now on sale for just $179CDN. Back then she wanted everything white so I had a great clean jumping off point. Having an image of what you want to create is all well and good, but unless you have a limitless budget, or have connections in the interior design world, sometimes you have to scan the market and draw inspiration based on product availability.

So I started with the dressing for the walls. I visited a few sites and decided on wall decals. I purchased them on two separate sites, one from roommates peel and stick and the other on Etsy. I love mixing prints in fashion and interiors I’m no different. These two work well together because of their contrast, one geometric and the other very organic, as well as the common thread of black which grounds and links them.

Her pillows, throw cushions, and bedding I then chose to bounce off of that palette with the same feel as the walls, mixing a few prints and colors, all with a boho feel. I kept her original white duvet and layered a few throws over top to achieve the mix of textures which is integral in Boho design. The side table I originally wanted to be natural wood, however again, availability. Being to rigid about your decor can create major road blocks, it’s best to keep an open mind and go with the flow. This side table was great inexpensive find and was the inspiration behind throwing a bit sage into the room and scattering it about. All of these described here I got at Winners , HomeSense and Marshalls at great prices. The only exception is her diffuser which sits on her side table and was gifted by Saje Wellness.

One of her best friends gifted her fake vines as a birthday present, seems they’re popular with the tweens these days, lol. It arrived in the mail a couple weeks early so I worked it into the space dressing up her very basic IKEA wardrobe, whose original white handles I replaced with these glass knobs for a more mod/ boho vibe. To attach the plastic vines I simply used some masking tape and stuck them at their midpoint, allowing them to drape over the sides. Then I added a few fake plants on top to add a little interest. At this age fake plants are best, at any age really cause I seem to be killing at the ones around the rest of the house. #sendhelp

Creating this art wall was fun! I know you guys voted in my IG stories for the other art piece, but this wall has a few elements that allow it to work in the room. The colors are consistent, with the yellow, pink, brown tones and black pulling from the wall decals. I added the cactus image to bring “greenery” and the the whole Cali-boho vibe to this side of the room and a round intricate mirror to contrast the shapes and texture of the art frames.

Surprise! I changed the knobs on her dresser, again! Found these at Winners for $12.99 and couldn’t pass them up! The dresser, and chair below, we bought a couple years ago on Wayfair.

The final touch was her desk space. Again, the desk she’s had for some time, we purchased it at IKEA at the same time as her bed. A sturdy office chair, a few accessories, shelf for additional storage, and of course a reel of her and her mama were all she needed to complete this look. 😝

We both love the final result and hope you enjoyed following the decorating process on my IG page @ToniFifi. Stay tuned because Lucas’ room is next!


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