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Toni was born  Antonia Alejandra Fifi, on the island of Trinidad and Tobago to a Venezuelan mother and Trinidadian father of Portuguese and Belgian decent. This fusion of cultures has had a direct effect on her style, making it as eclectic as her own ethnicity.  At 16 years old she left Trinidad to enter boarding school in Toronto, Canada. She continued her tertiary education in Toronto and earned herself a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto, followed by a degree in Fashion Design from the former International Academy of Design and Technology.

Upon completing her studies she took up a job as a fit model to hold on to her temporary Canadian residency status. Her academic training proved an asset to the company and she was quickly promoted to a Fashion Buyer position. After almost 10 years in Canada in 2006, she chose to move back to her native Trinidad and Tobago to be closer to her family.

Maison Fifi, her chain of women’s clothing boutiques was born a  year later. With two stores on the island of Trinidad and one in partnership with an old boarding school friend of hers in the Cayman Islands, Maison Fifi had become a successful, but demanding business. In 2012 her son was diagnosed with a number of developmental delays. She slowly started to reduce her workload and working hours. Eventually in 2016 she closed her brick and mortar store fronts and converted the business to a Pop Up Shop model.

This allowed her the time to give her son the necessary support, and still run her business. She realized however that he would soon outgrow the resources available to him on the island and she and her husband made the decision to move the entire family to Toronto, Canada. This plan was executed in August, 2018, also the year her blog was born. She describes her blogging experience thus far as “curating her own mini magazine”, and hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoys creating it. ✨✨


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